One To Watch

One To Watch 2017: Paradiso, Barcelona

Speak to many that have explored Barcelona’s latest drinking establishments, and you’ll hear the case for the Catalan city playing host to one of Europe’s upcoming cocktail scenes. Leading the charge is Paradiso, a modern speakeasy housed, unusually, in a pastrami bar.

With bookshelf and telephone-booth secret doors now somewhat overdone in the bar world, Paradiso’s fridge-door entrance provides a refreshing new spin on the theme. Pass through and you will find a beautifully riveted wood cavern of a room overseen by Italian bartender-operator Giacomo Giannotti. His drinks are wild  Mediterranean Treasure is vodka, sherry, elderberry liquor, agave syrup, served in a seashell encased in a pirate chest – but his team has found its rhythm, producing complicated serves with the minimum of fuss. The creatively hidden entrance, easy-on-the-eye carpentry, place-to-be vibe and innovative cocktails… it’s easy to see why Paradiso is the talk of the town and, increasingly, of the cocktail world.
Carrer de Rera Palau 4
08003 Barcelona