Created way ahead of the current wave of intrigue in all things fermented, this bar evokes feels from maternal cosiness to culture-starting magic with the moniker ‘Mother’. When you're visiting the basement restrooms, make sure to peek in on the most recent bubbling batch that's fermenting through a clever viewing window in the corridor.

Mother has been soulfully building on concepts of family, human connection and childhood memories with a thematic menus that explore the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its staff. For example, the Porcelain cocktail fires together the influences of dry sake, French violet liqueur, jasmine baiju, toasted wild rice, lacto-fermented pear, spiced coconut and clarified lime juice into a drink of singular texture and exotic flavours. Meals and small plates, like koji-aged beef tartare or foie gras on sourdough bread, all have the umami flavour and bright pong of artfully applied fermentation techniques, too. For a custom drinking experience, choose Symbiosis from the menu: you'll be guided in selecting a base spirit, one of several rotating seasonal ingredients and your mixology style preferences for a personalised cocktail.