Aruba Day Drink

Hidden away from the crowded tourist strips of Tijuana, one finds Aruba Day Drink. The small room is airy and bright befitting a cafe in a beachside town and the crowd is a mix of cheerful visitors and local devotees.

The menus, a masterclass in art deco illustration, attest to the multidisciplinary talents of lead bartender Keven Tocino. Each drink within, paired with a piece of music and a color, maintains the upbeat vibe. Consider The Flamingo (cardamom vodka, pomelo, bitters, supreme orange oil) a fruity, floral celebration of colour and dancing. The surf spot also caters to guests who prefer their energy caffeinated with a renowned section of coffee drinks like the Espresso Float No. 2 (dark cocoa liquor and local cold brew coffee topped with vanilla snow). Visiting bartenders are common at ADDB, offering guests the opportunity to experience some of Mexico’s top talents in a laid-back setting. Yet, Aruba Day Drink’s greatest pairing is bright, uplifting flavours with the warm sun and hospitality of Tijuana.


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