Bars to Watch 2016: 51-100

In anticipation of next month’s World’s 50 Best Bars ceremony and in part responding to industry demand, we take a sneak peek at 51-100 in this year’s poll


51. Lost lake


Paul McGee’s tiki-tastic Three Dots & a Dash is a leader of the genre and his latest haunt, Lost Lake, might even be an improvement.

52. charles h


This Four Seasons hotel bar blends craftsmanship with Korean glamour. It’s been open less than a year but our Academy says it’s South Korea’s top bar.


53. Canon


A two-time member of the World’s 50 Best Bars, Canon carries “the western hemisphere’s largest spirit collection at 3,500 labels and counting”.


54. Artesian


With a dozen staff leaving after last year’s top-spot finish, Artesian’s fall from grace proves it’s the team, not the four walls, that make for excellence in hospitality.


55. Tommy's

San Francisco

Host with the most Julio Bermejo sees his restaurant bar fall short of the pantheon this year. No bar yo-yos such as Tommy’s, so expect a return in 2017.


56. imperial craft

Tel Aviv,

A surprise drop-out from the 50, Imperial Craft felt like a bar on the rise. Owners Bar Shira, Dror Alterovich and Gilad Livnat will be hoping 2016 was just a blip.


57. Le Mary celeste


Up from no.100, Josh Fontaine, Adam Tsou and Carina Soto Velasquez’s bright and cheery Paris restaurant bar is only headed in one direction.


58. le lion bar de paris


Joerg Meyer’s ‘cradle of the Basil Smash’ had been a stalwart of the list for seven straight years. Sadly it missed out on making an eighth.


59. Le Chamber


A Scotch boudoir in the heart of the South Korean capital, Le Chamber is a classical place that grows better with age. Up from 68 last year.


60. Keepers


With a regularly changing menu and guest bartenders aplenty, this place doesn’t hold on to anything for long – except perhaps its customers. A new entry into the top 100.


61. white lyan


Hoxton’s White Lyan dropped 35 places to miss the top 50 this year but remains a pioneering bar that continues to challenge convention.


62. 69 Colebrooke row


A veteran of five World’s 50 Best Bars lists, Tony Conigliaro’s seminal north London location remains one of the must see bars in the capital.


63. d bespoke


Run by Japanese bartender Daiki Kanetaka, this is classical Japanese service in Singapore. A first time in the top 100 for D Bespoke.


64. Schumann's


A five-time member of the World’s 50 Best Bars, Charles Schumann’s eponymous classic American bar is Munich’s best-established drinking spot.


65. Gibson


Though it is outstanding, Gibson does more than dish out its namesake cocktail and it is one of Singapore’s premier bars.


66. dry martini


One of the Legends of the List, Javier de las Muelas’ Dry Martini has its place in World’s 50 Best Bars history, despite only finishing 66th this year.


67. Dirty dick


A tiki bar in Paris owned by an American? Yes, Scotty Schuder’s Dirty Dick is an unlikely bar-city combination but nonetheless one of the greats of tiki.


68. Herbs & Rye

Las Vegas,

Run by the loveable character Nectaly Mendoza, Herbs & Rye has brought high-class craft cocktails to the desert city. It is the best reason to visit Las Vegas.


69. Punch Room


An oak panelled den inspired by 19th-century private clubs, this bar at the back of the London Edition hotel has a focus on the punch bowl.


70. chainaya, tea & cocktails


The highest ranked Russian bar from this year’s poll, this Chinatown cocktail spot in Moscow has good pedigree, having appeared in three lists of The World’s 50 Best Bars.


71. Anvil


A pioneer of Houston, Anvil was one of the first to revive the classics – its work isn’t forgotten and this year Anvil rises eight places.


72. Nutmeg & Clove


With classics reinterpreted with a Singaporean inflection, Nutmeg & Clove is a favourite of the Singapore scene.


73. The Pontiac

Hong Kong

Half and half neighbourhood bar and rock ’n’ roll joint, the Pontiac is one of Hong Kong’s liveliest – and stays that way until the early hours.


74. satan's whiskers


A real bartender sweetheart, Satan’s mixes are as big-beat as its hip-hop soundtrack. It’s a non-mover at no.74 but a relatively unsung hero of the London bar scene.


75. leyenda

New York, 

Owned by Clover Club founder Julie Reiner and protege Ivy Mix, Leyenda is a Latin-inspired restaurant bar in Brooklyn.


76. el copitas

St Petersburg

A hidden Mexican-esque basement spot in Russia’s cultural capital, El Copitas is the highest ranked St Petersburg bar and very highly rated.


77. trench


A classical bar with a slant towards absinthe, Trench is the second best bar in Japan, according to the World’s 50 Best Bars Academy.


78. sweet liberty drinks & supply company


One of a handful of great bars to have emerged from the Florida city, Sweet Liberty is the brainchild of John Lermayer, one of America’s most respected bartenders.


79. nu lounge


Daniele Dalla Pola is the man behind this rum-drenched tiki spot. It does fun by the bucketload – just like its owner.


80. alice bar


Alice, in the Gangnam area of South Korea’s capital, is a plush bar – discreetly hidden behind a flower shop – that draws on the multi-sensory experience.


81. zuma dubai


Down from 44, the high-volume (and high standards) Zuma Dubai, is probably the best drinking spot in the Emirates.


82. Pouring ribbons

New York,

Having listed in 2013, Joaquín Simó, Jason Cott and Shannon Tebay’s Pouring Ribbons continues to hold high regard among our industry experts.


83. circle by cihan anadologlu


Schumann’s alumnus Cihan Anadologlu’s first solo foray was bound to raise interest among the bar fraternity. Within a year of opening, it makes our top 100.


84. bar goto

New York,

Kenta Goto of Pegu Club fame is behind this New York venue. Expect easy Japanese food, craft cocktails, and a thoughtful selection of beer, wine and sake.


85. Lamp bar


A little-known place south of Kyoto, Lamp has shot into the limelight since its owner, Michito Kaneko, won Diageo’s World Class bartender competition in 2015.


86. la capilla


This Mexican spit-and-sawdust bar is a local favourite among the distillers of Tequila Town. It is also the birthplace of the cola cocktail, the Batanga.


87. star bar


Opened in 2000, Star Bar is one of Japan’s most important bars. Its owner, Hisashi Kishi, is also one of Japan’s most important bartenders.


88. le parfum


This bar uses scents to explore the senses. Fragrant cocktails are matched with dim sum in a Chinese-inspired setting in France.


89. clover club

New York,

Though not in the top 50 this year, a bar with a five-list haul (2009, 2011-2014) has legendary status. Owner Julie Reiner fits that category too.


90. solange


Taking its name from a Bond girl in Casino Royale, this bar is classically elegant, befitting of 007 and makes our top 100 for the first time.


91. nicky harrison

Buenos Aires

Secreted in the restaurant Nicky NY Sushi is this American style speakeasy. A debut in our top 100, this quiet bar is making a lot of noise.


92. jigger and pony


Delivering impeccable renditions of classics in a convivial atmosphere, Aki Eguchi has created a gem of the Singapore scene. It’s a top 100 bar for the second year.


93. spare room

Los Angeles,

This old-school gaming parlour and cocktail lounge in the Roosevelt Hotel in LA has been created for the young at heart. A new entry into the top 100.


94. Lobo plantation


A flight of fancy across the rum-producing nations of Latin America, Lobo Plantation serves some of the best rum cocktails in Australia.


95. Elephant Bar

New York,

Part of the Nomad Hotel, Elephant Bar is all plush seats, mahogany bar and elegant lounging, which captures the charm of New York hotel bars past.


96. Bell Boy

Tel Aviv,

The themes of American jazz, Prohibition and the roaring ’20s are all evident in one shape or form in Ariel Leizgold’s residential speakeasy.


97. Andy Wahloo


Tea by day, cocktails by night, Andy Wahloo is kitsch, Moroccan-themed and one of the new wave of hip fusion bars to open in Paris.


98. Dear Irving

New York,

Dear Irving is inspired by history. Cut into quarters, it pays homage to Marie Antoinette, Abraham Lincoln, The Great Gatsby and JFK. A second outing in the top 100.


99. Le Syndicat


French spirits dusted off and given a shine – Sullivan Doh and Romain Le Mouellic’s speakeasy in Paris is traditional and modern at the same time.


100. Hemingway Bar


Dedicated to the world’s number one literary imbiber, this place pays tribute to Hemingway’s choice tipples. It is a long-time Academy favourite.