The Old Man

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Lower G/F, 37-39 Aberdeen Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong, China

The Old Man is a bijou bar. Just over one year old (winning the Highest New Entry Award, sponsored by Torres), the stylish, intimate establishment impresses both with its drinks and décor, inspired – as the name suggests – by American novelist Ernest Hemingway and his love of a good cocktail. A striking portrait of the writer, made with materials left over from building the venue, watches over the end of the bar where the magic happens. And magic it certainly is.

Head bartender Agung Prabowo, who co-founded the venue alongside Roman Ghale and James Tamang, has concocted a menu of nine experimental cocktails (each named after a work by the author) that play off the classics and are based on Hemingway’s favourite ingredients, spirits and even culinary flavours, such as capra fat-washed applejack and bamboo sous-vide Americano bianco. Each creation offers twists hardly seen before – though the savant staff also know how to serve more traditional drinks well – in a space that feels like the living room of a friend. A friend with discerning taste and a penchant for brilliant, out-of-the box libations.