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The Everleigh

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150-156 Gertrude Street, Melbourne, Australia

The Everleigh of 1900s Chicago was reputedly the most luxurious brothel in America and counted Prince Henry of Prussia among its patrons. Good times. No such shenanigans at the cocktail bar of the same name in Melbourne; indeed, the only similarity might be the fact that the space is intimate and romantic enough to act as an aphrodisiac. Being plush and polished with low lit chandeliers and rules that prohibit groups of over six, the atmosphere is always going to feel nice and speakeasy.

The menu is lean, a modest selection of serious drinks, but with the addition of the bartender choice to keep things interesting. The drinks nod to the golden age, fixes, fizzes and the like; and are stirred and shaken with skill by the staff. Ingredients are king with fruit juices & fresh and ice cut according to drink. If you need further convincing of the quality then Michael Madrusan‰'s name being attached to the project lends plenty of weight. His schooling means that, while on the surface The Everleigh can gleam as a bartender bar, it‰'s also a dazzler for a first date and if the significant other needs a little prodding then whip out the story about the Chicago establishment that shares the name. Should see you right.