Sweet Liberty

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237 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

When some of the industry’s best come together for an idea, something extraordinary happens. John Lermayer, David Martinez and Dan Binkiewicz have created Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co, where neighborhood bar meets remarkable cocktails and hospitality.

Lermayer leads one of the best bar teams in the world with one of the finest spirits selections. The cocktail menu is a marriage of old and new, while bringing to life the bar’s own drinks creations with fresh citrus, herbs and spices.

While cocktails are always top of guests’ minds, the live music, vibe and food menu are all spectacular. Fresh oysters, swordfish tacos and the famed cauliflower nachos, among others, are made fresh to order. The neon back wall invites you to “pursue happiness”, which is the bar’s mantra – and a mission usually accomplished by the end of the evening.