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Odeonsplatz 6+7, Munich

Charles Schumann just keeps adding to his bows. The owner of Schumann’s Bar, author and one-time model is now a star of the silver screen, with the documentary Schumann’s Bar Talks showing at cinemas worldwide over the past two years. But there’s no need to worry. Despite the increased attention, Schumann’s is still doing its thing with aplomb.

Aperitifs and American classic cocktails make up the 60-strong bar list downstairs, next to a casual dining menu until midnight. There’s that stately Odeonsplatz location, offering up gorgeous summer nights outside on the Hofgarten. Upstairs espouses different influences. Les Fleurs du Mal, a 2013 addition, is heavily influenced by Japanese mixology, with a 9m-long table crafted from a single tree crossing the rectangular room. Schumann’s doesn’t shy away from new ideas, nor neglect its classic heritage, which has only helped embellish its status as a Munich institution. 

Image: Uli Heckmann, Digital Artwork, Munich