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Odeonsplatz 6+7, Munich

It’s impossible to talk about Schumann’s without mentioning its eponymous owner. Charles Schumann is a one-time model, author (he penned American Bar: The Artistry of Mixing Drinks) and the most famous bartender in Germany – his Munich mainstay is also probably the country’s most well-known bar.

Schumann’s opened in 1982 and moved to its current home, Odeonsplatz in 2003, where it boasts a large outdoor area in the historical Hofgarten. With its all-day American canteen-bar approach, this place is all about casual dining, aperitifs and classic American cocktails. It has long been the place to be – and be seen to be – but this bar doesn’t stand still. Atop Schumann's is now a second-floor bar, Fleur du Mal. Influenced by Japanese bar culture, it features a 9m-long table carved from a single tree. If downstairs is a restaurant bar, Fleur du Mal is all about drinks – and Mr Schumann's Manhattans are legendary.