Salmon Guru

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Calle Echegaray 21, 28014 Madrid

For a decade now, Diego Cabrera has been one of the towering figures of the Spanish cocktail scene. The Argentinian bartender first made waves in 2010 with La Cabrera. Having closed this exciting chapter a couple of years ago, he is now at the helm of Salmon Guru.

A quirky name for a quirky bar divided into three spaces. The main room is all about the ’50s, with quasi-tropical vibes, while the lounge riffs on comics and the back room has a hint of Chinese decadence, Hollywood-style. It’s all very convivial and the drinks tend to be participative.

Mezcal-based Chipotle Chillón comes with a choice of homemade mint and ginger lemonades on the side – it’s up to the drinker to decide the final balance of the cocktail. Custom glassware is also de rigueur. At Salmon Guru, everything is turned into a conversation piece – that’s why it is packed every single night of the week.

Image: Angel Becerril