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56-58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Quinary may have the look and feel of a classic speakeasy, but drinking here is designed to be a thought-provoking and multi-sensory experience. A smart selection of champagne and wine is on offer, but it’s the 40-odd strong cocktail list that is the real focus. From old school drinks to modern classics, the signature drinks — and the bartenders’ choice — are where the creativity of Antonio Lai’s team shines through.

Lai’s passion for preconception-challenging mixology allows guests to leave the cramped and chaotic city of Hong Kong at the door and escape. Expect cocktails that layer flavour upon flavour, that play with different textures and aromas. While some of the drinks may be served in an elegant stemmed cocktail glass, you’ll also find more esoteric vessels sliding across the bar (like the paper bag used to serve the drink, Prey).