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Carrer de Rera Palau 4, 08003 Barcelona

Trendy downtown Barcelona’s El Born neighbourhood hosts great restaurants and bars. Among the cocktail spots that call it home, Paradiso stands out, and not only because it’s hidden in a pastrami shop. Although you’ll have to go through the freezer door to discover what Giacomo Giannotti and team have for you, the wooden, copper-toned interior thankfully exudes warmth.

Before Paradiso, Giannotti plied his trade at the Ohla Boutique Bar, a city favourite. That place had an ambitious drinks programme and things are dialled up a notch here. The menu is filled with visually bold drinks calling for modernist techniques. Classics lovers also feel at home – one of the bar’s bestsellers is the Supercool Martini, a mixture of mustard-infused vermouth and redistilled gin frozen with a proprietary technique. Impeccable hospitality rounds out a sophisticated drinking experience.

Image: Andre Sousa, Overproof Creative