Operation Dagger

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7 Ann Siang Hill B1-01, 069791 Singapore

Hard to find, but once you’ve negotiated the hidden depths of Luke Whearty’s Operation Dagger, a stone’s throw from the bustling nightlife of Singapore’s Ann Siang Road, you’ll find a totally different dynamic. A minimalist, clean concrete bar is illuminated by a nest of single bulbs, which leads the eye to the hundred or so nondescript jars behind the bar containing Whearty’s secret tinctures and ingredients.

Despite the covert nature on display, the drinks are anything but shy and retiring and the Dagger team has become one of the most adept in the world at bringing together disparate flavours with huge success: bee pollen; aromatic smoke; fermented fruit wines. There’s a chaos here that can only be contained by those in possession of the sharpest of skills and Operation Dagger continues to be one of the most well-honed in the business.