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Nottingham Forest

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1 Viale Piave, Milan, Italy

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T BE HOODWINKED by the name of this bar as there is no intended association with the eponymous football club. So no red football shirts anywhere as, according to owner Dario Comini, it was named after a bar he encountered while travelling in Asia. 

This cocktail bar and Italian imbibing institution has a vast, varied and hugely inventive cocktail list that boasts more than 1,000 libations and celebrates molecular mixology and alcohol-based alchemy without pretension.

Despite Comini’s chemistry background, there’s absolutely nothing clinical or sterile about his characterful bar - it couldn’t look less like a laboratory.

With an eclectic array of pan-Asian knick-knacks, Buddhas, surreal statues, maritime bric-a-brac and all manner of exotic ornaments, it has the appearance of Indiana Jones’ attic.
From behind the small wooden bar, Comini and his talented team serve-up their wonderful wet wares in a riotous range of unusual receptacles - from treasure chests and pipettes to skulls and hip-flasks hidden in books. One cocktail, the CSI, even comes reduced in tablet form, while another is made using lasers.

However, any accusations of silly gimmickry are entirely undermined by Comini’s acute understanding of how alcohol, in all its forms, dovetails with different ingredients to create some quite spectacular and intriguing experiences.