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Milk & Honey

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61 Poland Street, London

Milk & Honey is one of the bastions of the bar world. Although it’s not as high up in the list as it was, it is still in the list. That’s no mean feat considering how many new places have opened their doors of late.

Remember, voters have to have visited the bars for which they vote within the past two years.

Milk & Honey opened in Soho, London, in April 2002 and, 10 years later, it remains one of the greatest bars in the world with an emphasis on training and a refusal to compromise.

Not only has the bar turned out some spectacular ’tenders, it has also done a great deal to fuel the growth of the speakeasy.

Its owner, Jonathan Downey, started life as a corporate lawyer.

He was known for hating the city wine bar scene and he has definitely altered London’s barscape.

The cocktail menu at Milk & Honey is concise and ingredients are listed without flamboyant descriptions.