Lost & Found

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Lordou Vyronos, Nicosia

WHOA, WHAT’S THIS? A DESTINATION BAR IN CYPRUS? Yes, you heard right. Dinos Constantinides has taken the building he once ran as a bar school and events space off the main drag in central Nicosia and transformed it into quite the hotspot.

The name is a clue to the vibe of the place – it’s a cool and quirky mix of DIY fixtures and fittings punctuated with mismatched artefacts either donated by friends and family or found along the way. That’s the Lost + Found part. The Drinkery bit is Constantides’s nod to the fact the room isn’t quite a lounge or a full-on cocktail bar. Or maybe it refers to the size of the place – it’s bloomin’ tiny.

We’re not joking. There’s just room for 20 or so standing inside. But while there are restrictions on the number of people who can be in there at any one time, that doesn’t stop guests from piling out on to the pavement. There are plenty of oil drums and makeshift tables that get a serious working out on busy evenings – there’s even a hatch to the side where hotdogs are served for when you’re feeling peckish. While the menu changes fairly regularly, the concept is always the same – making ordering easy (with space this tight, it needs to be).

Cocktails are helpfully broken down into distinct flavour profiles (sweet, sour, sweet-sour, dry-sweet etc), with illustrations signifying whether they fall into savoury, herbal, fruity, spicy or floral categories. There’s no guesswork with the type of glassware it comes in either. Just don’t order a Mojito – it comes in a plastic cup.