Lost & Found

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Lordou Vyronos, Nicosia

A trip to Cyprus now features world-class drinking, courtesy of Dinos Constantinides and his bar, Lost & Found. In 2013 Nicosia was about mixer-and-spirit long drinks, not the black-belt in mixology that was about to descend. Break down the elements and these are serious drinks, but to the everyman, they are just very tasty. While the classics and the bar’s historical bestsellers are always a fixture, the menu undergoes regular rotation. Now the tiki drink, Three of Strong (spiced rum, passion fruit, Aperol and homemade Demerara oil lemonade), is the bestseller.

That mix of the familiar and unfamiliar is what hooks locals but this is also a destination for the international cocktail connoisseur. Inside it’s retro-styled, with a golden-glowing bar, chequerboard floor and vintage arcade machines. An extended lab space on floor two now houses Constantinides’ growing techno-arsenal. Rectifying, carbonation, fat washing and clarification are just some of the techniques found at this local but international Nicosia bar that is certainly worth finding.