Little Red Door

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60 Rue Charlot, Paris 75003

Little Red Door proves that, even with a healthy change-up in staff and under the direction of new head barman Rory Shepherd, it still has what it takes to hit the top 50 with flair. Everything LRD does is based on an idea of bringing people together – from fostering a tight-knit, collaborative team to creating one of the city’s most all-inclusive environments in a craft cocktail lounge. You enter and immediately feel welcome.

Its recently released Menu of Universal Values further explores unifying ideas with cocktails based on a list of 10 values, to which all people – regardless of geography or culture – can relate. Each offering was developed by a team of two staff members to reinforce team spirit and community mindedness. The result? Masterful drinks that appeal to the common humanity of guests by recalling ideas such as ‘achievement’, ‘stimulation’ or ‘hedonism’ through flavour, glassware and garnish.