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Tjoget, 24 Hornsbruksgatan, Stockholm

Once considered an off-the-beaten-track neighbourhood, Hornstull in Stockholm has reinvented itself as one of the capital’s most hip and happening locations – especially when it comes to food and drink.

From a cocktail perspective, Linje Tio undoubtedly leads the way in this newly invigorated scene of urban sophistication. A beautifully appointed joint, complete with its vintage-feel chequerboard floor and magnificent metallic bar – something of a genuine centrepiece which immediately commands your attention – gives you a sense that these guys have everything covered… and then some.

The seasonally refreshed drinks are beautifully conceived and highly original, using a blend of homemade syrups, and their simplicity belies just how much talent there is on show here. Throw in a clinical-yet-creative understanding of perfect classics, a fanaticism about Scandinavian ice and you have a perfectly balanced neighbourhood bar. As they say in Sweden: “Lagom är bäst.”