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Tjoget, 24 Hornsbruksgatan, Stockholm

This is the place to be in Stockholm, so pull up a seat at the steel bar in the middle of the venue where you can take in the room and watch the bartenders at work, all the while swirling on your stool and sipping on the Linje Tio classic cocktail with beetroot, coconut, lemon, ginger and nutmeg.

Linje Tio is part of Tjoget, a restaurant, bar, wine bar and classic barber shop under the same roof. The concept has its roots in southern Europe and the Middle East, offering a beguiling mix of rustic rurality and urban sophistication, seven days a week. But you come here for the lively, casual and welcoming atmosphere, innovative cocktail creations and impeccable hospitality, striving always to give you the best guest experience. Prepare to be stunned by the epic parties and don’t be surprised if you find some of Sweden’s top artists improvising a show on top of the bar – it’s just that kind of place.