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Tjoget, 24 Hornsbruksgatan, Stockholm

By Hannah Lodge

When the rock cooling your cocktail has been carved from an iceberg, you know you’re in the hands of some of the best in the business. In fact, they take their ice so seriously that they’ve set up an ice company to ensure perfection every time.

“Ice makes for a better cocktail and we take no shortcuts,” says founder Andreas Bergman. Fair play, it’s this kind of detail that has made Linje Tio Sweden’s first bar to make The World’s 50 Best Bars.

It’s not all as swirling-your-glass serious as you might expect – quite the opposite. Linje Tio is part of the Tjoget three-in-one funhouse with a wine bar and barbershop also under the same roof, because no cool neighbourhood is complete without somewhere you can get a beard trim while sipping a Sazerac.  For such an esteemed restaurant and bar, Linje Tio is so relaxed it’s almost horizontal – unless you nightcap here at the weekends when the party keeps going until the early hours. Play your cards right and you might bag an invite to one of the secret all-night parties. “They’re about world-class cocktails and raves,” says Bergman. “And confetti, lots of confetti.” Sounds like a winning combination.

The best seat in the house is up at the steel bar where you can swivel on your stool and watch the masters at work. Led by bar manager Ludde Grenmo, the team members all lend creativity when it comes to designing the seasonally changing cocktail menu. The ethos? It’s simple to order a drink – we were firmly told that hanging out in a bar is meant to be fun after all. No surprises that the St Germain-led Stockholm is the signature, but if you want to roll like an industry player ask nicely and they’ll stir you up an off-menu Salted Caramel Old-Fashioned – and yes, it’s as good as it sounds.