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Le Lion BAR de Paris

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Rathausstrasse 3, Hamburg, Germany

WE’RE TOLD THAT GERMAN BARS Le Lion and Schumann’s take their status as a World’s 50 Best Bar very seriously. Each year they want to climb the rankings, but mostly they want to beat each other.

Well, once again Jörg Meyer can mount his lion and triumphantly ride south from Hamburg to Munich - this time out, Le Lion is 25th to Schumann’s 38th.

Last year a bet was made. Whichever bar finished lowest would host a party in the victor’s honour - and head bartender at Schumann’s, Cihan Anadologlu, says another bet is on the cards for 2014.

He’s keeping the details under wraps for now.

But while the German heavyweight bars’ backs were turned, Buck & Breck of Berlin slipped into 16th to become our best bar in Germany.

Meyer doesn’t have much to worry about though. He has a bar that has been at the top of the game for seven years and has appeared in all six of the World’s 50 Best Bars poll, making it fifth in our all-timer list.

But a bit about the bar. It’s a small, lavish lounge that majors on classic cocktails and champagne and has a gold lion as its centrepiece.

Here’s Meyer, who explains this all rather better: "You don’t enter a bar, you are entering our extended living room where someone has put a bar at the end. And a big lion.
"Hopefully you are not afraid of lions."