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La Capilla

In life, and let’s all hope in death as well, there are drinking destinations that every aficionado should aspire to visit. They make up the pilgrimages on which any intrepid imbiber must embark if they are to satisfy their vocation as a rounded individual.

La Capilla is such a place. For tequila aficionados this is a stone-cold must to add to a list of bars to try before you die. Not because it offers the most exhaustive range of tequilas, nor because it makes the best Margarita on the planet. The reason being, simply put, that La Capilla is a bar as any bar should be.

The place is run by the affable Don Javier, who is enjoying the autumn of his years but can still deliver a masterclass on hosting to any young bartender.

He happily stirs up a Batanga or a Paloma with the handle of a knife, topping up as he goes from the bottles of fizzy pop lining the back bar.

The décor is dusty, but this is not a place for interior designers. The charm comes from Don Javier and his interaction with the agave farmers and tequila producers who stand around him and shoot the breeze with the abandon of men who like nothing more than sipping fine tequila. This bar provides a breath of fresh, albeit humid and dusty air, to the top 20.