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Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

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Vicolo Cellini 30, Rome

Heard of Jerry Thomas? In the bar industry, he’s kind of a big deal. Dead of course, but his legacy as the godfather of cocktails lives on through his books and recipes. Not least in a little corner of Rome where four Italian bartenders named their bar after him.

If you’re visiting Italy’s capital then Leonardo Leuci, Roberto Artusio, Alessandro Procoli and Antonio Parlapiano’s speakeasy should be among your first stops. Or perhaps your last – it’s a kind of smoky, back-alley affair, with vintage furniture and bartenders dressed from braces to brogues in Prohibition-era garb. The kind of place to linger as you work your way through the gamut of yesteryear libations. As local appreciation of cocktails has grown, so has the bar’s cocktail experimentation. Try the Shortbreak – scotch two ways, kummel, coffee liqueur, sea fennel syrup, lemon and bitters – it’ll hit you like a raid on a speakeasy.