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27 Storgata, 0184 Oslo

Himkok is the flagbearer for Oslo’s cocktail bars. A combined speakeasy, high-volume taptails bar, cider bar and al fresco eatery  also sporting a house distillery producing seasonal varieties of aquavit, gin, and vodka  the scene is set for any drinks lover’s night out.

Since opening in 2015, Himkok has developed and matured: today, the place has found its true identity as a Norwegian cocktail joint. Not Nordic  Norwegian, as co-owner and general manager Yunus Yildiz is quick to point out. Its Flavours of Norway menu is a celebration of the Norwegian craft and a tribute to the ingredients, producers and farmers of this country. Cocktails based around unique Norwegian flavours include cloudberries, seaweed, birch and even the caramelised milk cheese known as ‘brunost’. In a way, Himkok is doing for cocktails what the city’s three Michelin-starred restaurant Maaemo has done for cooking  showcasing a modern Norwegian flavour profile rooted in traditions and local produce.