High Five

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Efflore Ginza 5 Bldg. BF 5-4-15 Ginza Chuo-ward, 104-0061 Tokyo

Legendary bartender Hidetsugu Ueno’s Tokyo destination is truly the homeland of Japanese cocktail culture. Ueno and long-time head bartender Kaori Kurakami turn out classics and twists, often with a Japanese accent, from this posh basement lounge in the heart of the Ginza district.

It’s the little things that make the difference, but the chances are you won’t notice them (and you’re not supposed to). The ’tenders might be making the best Negroni you’ve ever had that doesn’t contain the drink’s most famous ingredient. And they’ll tell you, if you ask, why they shake some drinks in a tiny plastic cobbler, which shake matches which drink, or how the motion of a juicing affects the sweetness of the juice. It can be an education, but it’s primarily designed to be a sophisticated sanctum. So make sure you read the rules on the way in…