Floreria Atlantico

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Arroyo 872, Buenos Aires

Though phone boxes, bookshelves and hidden doors do a good trade in speakeasy entrances, a florist has to be up there on originality. That’s where you’ll find the doorway to Florería Atlantico and, once through, stairs descended, a Latin take on a speakeasy lies in wait. But like many of the best interpretations of American bar concepts, Florería Atlantico brings its own history and culture to bear.

Based near the docks of Buenos Aires, it tells the story of the immigrants who arrived in waves from the Old and New Worlds. The bar’s décor and drinks continue this narrative, telling the stories of the American bartenders who brought the culture of cocktails, the English and the Dutch with their gin and genever, the Italians with their amari, the Cubans with rum, the Peruvians and their pisco, the beer from Germany, the anise from the Turks, and the wine from the Spanish, French and Portuguese. Aline Vargas and Renato Giovannoni’s Floreria Atlantico – the Best Bar in South America, sponsored by Asahi – is a liquid homage to the richness of immigration. 

Image: Eugenio Mazzinghi