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348 Congress Street, Boston, US

IF THE CHEERS CHARACTER Norm Peterson was revised, this Seaport district basement might be where he’d loiter. The tab he could accrue here might inspire him to get back to his accounting, since this place is for the more discerning bar fly, but it ticks a lot of the same boxes as the world’s most famous bar.

Having taken on a former warehouse space, Drink benefits from some of the original fixtures and fittings, the beams and brickwork so many aspiring bar operators ache for. Elsewhere it’s modern but spare, the bar big enough for resting up at. Behind it there’s a row of high windows that cast some fine natural light on proceedings during the brighter months.

The bar is low on the bartender side so you can catch everything they’re up to, which is a bonus since their skills provide a worthy show.

But the truth is, this is a real Boston bar and, while the craft of the cocktail is worth drinking in as an observer, the buzz and bustle mean those who don’t have a vested interest in the geekery can still do the things most of us like to do in the bar. Drink, chat, look, chat up.

The soul of Boston seeps into this bar, which is important because it would be disappointing if it presented the mixed drink option in an overly pretentious manner. After all, if Cheers has taught us anything, it’s how important a bar is to the people who frequent it and it’s often these people who make it work. Especially in Boston.