Connaught Bar

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Carlos Place, Mayfair, London W1K 2AL

Still under a decade old, Connaught Bar is already a classic. It is here you find Italian drinksmith Agostino Perrone  one of the most decorated bartenders in the world  orchestrating proceedings. As palatial as the surrounds may be (the David Collins-designed Cubist-inspired décor glimmers like new) and as warm as the welcome always is, you come to this London hotel destination for the cocktails. Perhaps you’ll call over the trolley, which wheels around the floor offering bespoke at-your-table Martinis. Or try another classic: Connaught Bar’s Bloody Mary is considered the industry benchmark.

The new menu should be explored too. Inspired by the bar team’s travels around the world, these modernist drinks draw on far-flung ingredients seamlessly weaved together. Tip of the Iceberg (banana-infused gin, coconut water, lemon liqueur) should be fruity, but with iceberg-shaped ice and blue water cakes submerged in a clear liquid, this is one of many clever, not-what-you-expect creations from the masterful ‘tending team at Connaught.