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52 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris

Candelaria was not only the city’s first authentic taqueria, but also one of Paris’ first ‘hidden’ bars. At the back of the bright, tiny taco joint is an unmarked door through which in-the-know cocktaillians pass to settle into a sultry space celebrating Latin America.

The focus is on agave-based spirits and the tight-knit team consistently comes up with fresh ways to pay tribute to its “folklore, fantasy and reality”. While the current offerings still include the (now classic) spicy tequila Guepe Verte from the original menu, newer creations incorporate mezcal and tamarind for a Mexican flavour or mix Peruvian pisco with chicha morada syrup. They still manage to work the usual suspects such as gin, whiskey and rum into the mix, too.

On certain nights, DJs add to the ambience of this pocket-sized bar and on weekends it’s open daytime for Mexican-style brunch fare to be knocked back with Micheladas.