Buck & Breck

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Brunnenstra├če 177, 10119 Berlin

Once you’ve found it, rung the doorbell and nabbed one of the limited seats, Buck and Breck offers up an experience worthy of its status as Berlin’s hippest bar. A large part of the mystique surrounding the bar is justifiably due to its owner Gonçalo de Sousa Monteiro, who opened the Double B in 2010. Together with his team, ‘Ginçalo’, as the German bar scene affectionately calls the self-confessed gin fan, has crafted a bar devoted to meticulous, inventive drinks.

Refreshingly, alongside its dominating bar and the über-precise mixology, Buck and Breck still feels lighthearted. There’s its changing artworks – from chainsaws to an octopus underneath a bell jar – and the different front-window installations putting passers-by off the scent. Little has changed since its inception, apart from the addition of an extra lounge at the back. Why? The Buck and Breck formula is a definite winner.