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The Baxter Inn

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Basement, 152-156 Clarence Street, Sydney

First trip to The Baxter Inn? It’s going to take a little effort to find the place. You’ll walk down a dimly lit disused service alley to where a red rope line would be the only clue to the bar’s existence – if only the place wasn’t so popular. It boasts a queue each of the six nights a week that it opens, so it’s best to arrive early before it fills up.

Descend the stairwell and you’ll open the door to a place channeling an 1800s Boston boozer vibe, where whisky is the order of the day (though the cocktails are a reason to go in their own right), and if you are ordering anything with fruit, expect it juiced a la minute and right in front of you. A Rye & Apple is a good place for the uninitiated to start, but once installed, explore the superbly executed list at your leisure.