Bar Termini

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7 Old Compton Street, London W1D 5JE

Inspired by the bar at Rome's Termini train station, London's Bar Termini provides sumptuous drinking from dawn til dusk. Set back in a tiny space in Soho, this is a place that seamlessly evolves from coffee shop to cocktail bar as the day wears on. Barista Marco Arrigo is behind the hot drinks, with an adapted espresso machine brewing up some of the best Italian coffee in London, while the legendary Tony Conigliaro is master of cocktails.

The menu is a measured list of rebooted Italian classics, including aperitivo bestsellers the Negroni (in four styles and soon to be six), the Spritz Termini and the Marsala Martini. With classical intentions, it wouldn't do to constantly update the offering – indeed only one new drink has appeared in a year. That drink, the Garibaldi, is the orange juice-Campari tandem you’d expect, pepped by bergamot, lending a floral dimension. Like Termini, it is simple but brilliant.