Bar Termini

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7 Old Compton Street, London W1D 5JE

Now a fixture of London Soho’s lively food and drinks scene, Bar Termini takes its place in The World’s 50 Best Bars for the third year in a row. This all-day affair of coffee and cocktails, inspired by Rome’s Termini train station bar, is a pocket of a place that has no trouble capturing the passing Old Compton Street crowd. But this is no standard Italian café bar. The devil is in the detail here, with a small team of bartenders led by general manager Robin Kolek who weave around throwing out world-class cocktails and Italian sandwiches and charcuterie.

As day becomes night, Bar Termini moves through the gears to its perfected Italian classics. The Garibaldi is the best around and the Negronis deserve equal attention with their barrel-aged, infused and bianco iterations. Though traditionally rooted, in the hands of Termini, classics such as these are taken to new heights. You might wonder how so much process and technique can be employed in such a tiny space and the answer is, it isn’t – these potions are developed in a lab. Called the Drink Factory, there’s nothing industrial about it.