Baba Au Rum

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6 Klitiou, Athens

Step inside Baba Au Rum’s small frame and you can’t help but notice cultural influences from around the drinking world – this is the cosmopolitan drinker’s bar. These trappings are born out of the experiences and curiosities of its urbane owner Thanos Prunarus, who, when not travelling, can be found holding court at his small Athens downtown bar.

Baba Au Rum Avant Garde cocktail list continues the journey, taking in flavours from around the world. Among them is the Baba Au Rum cocktail – an umami-fuelled Daiquiri with rum, vanilla, sweet sherry, oak, lime and basil – that should be your first port of call. If you’re warming to the rum theme, you’re in the right place – head to the The Rum Society chapter, which weaves its way through the gamut of rum classics that have been twisted and embellished to delicious effect. Through warm Athenian hospitality and refined international cocktails, Baba Au Rum continues to be considered one of the best bars in the world.