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2 Stamford Road, 178882 Singapore

By Pauline Wee

ANTI:DOTE IS A PANACEA for any time of the day. Helmed by affable craftsman Tom Hogan, the Stamford Hotel bar is at once sophisticated, welcoming and unconventional, striking a rare and perfect balance between satisfying the cocktail connoisseur and the transitory hotel guest.

The craft behind its inventive concoctions is another masterful balancing act of technique, taste and presentation, with premium spirits, botanicals and housemade aromatic bitters, vermouth, liqueurs and sodas.

The artistry lends itself to its menu, a conversation piece with sketches and descriptions scribbled by Hogan himself. The Corpse Reviver #2 is a signature with homemade vermouth and orange liqueur; or try the Kentucky Atas or Hwa Chae – 2016 competition cocktails from Hogan and Bacardi Legacy Singapore 2016 winner Bannie Kang respectively.