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649 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009

New York City’s East Village certainly doesn’t want for cocktail bars, but that doesn’t mean Mace hasn’t brought a new and essential atmosphere to the neighbourhood since its 2015 opening. In particular, it brings a focus on spice (hence its name, which comes from the nutmeg-like seed).

Founder and owner Nico de Soto, who came to New York after building his name with the Experimental Cocktail Club, has packed the drinks menu with the kinds of surprising elements that will bring you back again and again. There’s the peanut butter fat-washed cognac in the Chipotle, or even the Cinnamon 2.0. You might need a couple of visits to fully comprehend the latter’s combination of bourbon and sweet vermouth, cooked sous-vide with peach and cinnamon, served mote con huesillo-style with lapsang souchong-cooked pearled barley. As you might expect, Mace also offer a small but potent array of bar snacks, including truffle popcorn.