Licoreria Limantour

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Avenida Álvaro Obregón 106, Roma Norte, 06700 Mexico City

By Forest Collins

These days the only thing stiffer than the drinks is the competition and it’s not enough to be one of the most famous bars in Latin America to maintain a global standing. Once again, Limantour rises to the challenge, making the list for the third year in a row and taking the title of Latin America’s Best Bar.

Sure, it’s still bringing its laid back Latin vibe to a stellar collection of craft cocktails. And it’s still incorporating international elements into drinks served with a smile in this lively, two-story, Art Deco-inspired space. But what keeps the team here is its continuous efforts to travel and explore, bring back new ideas, and build on its well-established base.

Manager, industry star and award-winning bartender Jose Luis Leon set a goal last year of visiting all the bars on the top 50 list to better understand what makes a world’s best bar.  So far he’s hit 30 and counting…

At Limantour for more than five years Leon has maintained both a consistency and familiarity appreciated by longtime, loyal regulars. But, he also keeps things fresh by bringing in younger, newer talent such as Mafer Tejada who recently represented Mexico at World Class and was deemed ‘inspirational’ by judge Spike Marchant.

Tejada observes that longstanding local tastes for beer and mezcal are slowly shifting towards more sophisticated cocktail options, in large part thanks to forerunners on the food and drinks scene like Limantour.

However, members of this talented team haven’t simply forgotten historical drinking habits for flashier trends. They keep a foot firmly rooted in both old-school and up-to-date territory, incorporating homegrown ingredients that serve as an accessible bridge between the two drinking tendencies. Even the website tagline, The New Old Days, reflects this philosophy of fusing historical flavours with those of the future.

This combo of old plus new experiences makes for a menu with a range of worthy drinks, such as the crowd-pleasing Mr Pink (gin, grapefruit and a touch of basil) or a tequila-based Mexican take on the Martini. And the latest Twining’s tea collaboration means sure-fire multicultural pick-me-ups like the 4 O’clock Punch of English Breakfast, Aperol, Dubonnet and Chivas 12.