28 HongKong Street

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28 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059667

It’s hard to imagine the ascendance of Singapore’s reputation as a truly world-class cocktail destination without mentioning 28 HongKong Street, which still remains one of the city state’s most treasured joints.

Despite all the accolades, thankfully little has changed. Exquisitely made classics sit neatly alongside a list of innovative drinks which still turn up the liquid wow factor, all backdropped by a perfectly evolving nighttime soundtrack and staff who understand that perfection lies in a combination of delicious, unpretentious drinks and a generously warm and friendly attitude.

Add in a range of simple, yet utterly mouthwatering bar snacks, which have developed a reputation all on their own, and you have a bar which is gloriously honest and comfortable in its own skin – an attribute which may seem obvious, but an ethos which is devilishly hard to perfect and maintain.