28 HongKong Street

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28 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059667

By Nicholas Coldicott

It’s five years since the bar opened on little Hongkong Street. Back then, the neighbours were dried fish merchants. Now they’re some of the city’s best bars and restaurants, including two flagged in the new Michelin guide. The bartenders at number 28 made the street famous and set a new standard for local drinking establishments. It’s high quality, low formality, with a West Coast vibe.

Your ice will be hand-cut, your mint organic, and you’ll never believe the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to make your drink. Consider the tropical Coppertone. It’s an Old Fashioned, but with rum as the base and Piña Colada accents. The spirit goes into the sous vide with organic coconut oil, which is later fat-washed out. A pineapple and five-spice syrup is spun in a centrifuge to keep it crystal clear. The garnish is a pineapple slice, vacuum sealed with the syrup and coconut oil. Simple on the surface, so much technique.

Three times a year the menu gets a revamp and 25 new cocktails appear. Some have whimsical names, some fanciful ingredients but they’re always approachable, impeccably balanced and they spotlight the premium spirit The room is boisterous and the music is loud. Creative director Joe Alessandroni says "hospitality, not service" is the motto. He and his team, headed by Logan Demmy (pictured), may be about to change the game again. In October they'll open Crackerjack, a establishment he says will be a "laid back, low concept space, leaving behind all the clichés of a cocktail bar".