Botran Rum

Botran Rum

Botran Rum - Official Rum Partner

The history of aged rums in Guatemala is strongly linked to Botran - one of the founding families of Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala.

In the mid twentieth century, five brothers from the Botran family came from Burgos, Spain and settled in Guatemala with the idea of ​founding a company that generates benefits for the whole country.

Over the years, these visionaries provided employment to several regions

in Guatemala, contributing to economic decentralisation and the development of communities.

The brothers also perfected Botran rum production using local and natural resources like water, volcanic soils and local varieties of sugar cane. They combined a cutting-edge production process for virgin honey and sugar cane with the European tradition of Solera ageing.

The result is the Rums Añejos Botran, a legacy of tradition, history and passion.

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