Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award 2021

Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award 2021

Showcasing artistry, sustainability and incredibly inventive cocktails, Lab 22 takes to the stage with the Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award. The up-and-coming establishment in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, UK, is constantly pushing the boundaries of mixology, design and creativity with each of its menus.

Named Theory + Frontiers, Lab 22’s recent edition takes cues from the future of science and invention. The cocktails embody practices such as urban farming (Concrete Daisy uses rooftop honey) and marine exploration (Point Nemo is garnished with sea-salted chocolate fish scales). Every page is deeply considered, with beautiful artwork and any extra information, such as the science behind the drink, accessible via a QR code.

Lab 22’s ideological values: accessibility, transparency and community, are present throughout the menu. The text is available in both English and Welsh to accommodate its multilingual guests and the flavour combinations are explained in a ‘drop matrix’ in the centre of the menu, to aid drink decision-making. Locally sourced and grown ingredients are found in each cocktail, while the sharing drinks contribute to chosen charities and funds, such as Cardiff Foodbank and The Drinks Trust.

Guests are also encouraged to support more of the city’s local businesses through the ‘decision tree’ flowchart at the denouement of the menu, which suggests where drinkers might want to head to next.

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