Michter's Art of Hospitality Award 2020

Michters Art of Hospitality Award 2020

Despite only opening in February 2019, Maybe Sammy has already announced itself as a world-beating venue. Coming straight into The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list at No.43 and becoming The Best Bar in Australasia just nine months after launch, big things are expected from this hotel-style bar in the upmarket The Rocks neighbourhood of Sydney.

While the drinks are excellent and the room visually stunning, it is the team’s unique style of service that is winning the plaudits. Headed up by Stefano Catino, Andrea Gualdi and Martin Hudak, the European bartenders have brought an entirely new, refreshing edge to what is generally considered gold-standard hospitality in cocktail bars.

Guests are delivered a selection of toys to play with when they receive their drinks; it’s not uncommon to find Hudak and Gualdi play-fighting and roaring with laughter behind the bar; and the concoctions are served with a degree of whimsy and fun that’s sometimes lacking from more straight-laced cocktail experiences.

Perfecting this balance of joviality, backed up by an outstanding drinks programme, is at the core of what Maybe Sammy stands for and it is no surprise to see it rewarded by the Academy with the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award in its inaugural year.

Watch the video and read the 50 Best article about Maybe Sammy’s momentous opening year: