The Diplomat

50Best Accolades

Small but mighty, The Diplomat packs a punch with its neat menu of classics, twists and mini cocktails paired with top-notch hospitality. The brainchild of John Nugent, the bar harkens to classic American craft cocktail bars and has become famous in Hong Kong for its crushable Irish Coffee and exceptional Wagyu burger. Gathering huge pace and recognition since its launch in February 2020, The Diplomat wins the London Essence Best New Opening Award 2021 as the highest-ranking new bar of those that opened within the voting period.

The small but mighty back bar, ceiling tiled with the bar’s logo and Millennial Pink corridor, all make for a venue that’s easy on the eye and undeniably Instagram-friendly. There’s a range of mini Martinis on offer from Gibsons to Tuxedos, and twists on modern classics include an Espresso Martini with baijiu for extra depth. If you’re lucky enough and know the right people, you just may get into the The Diplomat’s Back Room, where you’ll find a DJ on the decks, a button on your table that reads “Press For Champagne” and a strict, no cameras policy. For what happens in the Back Room, stays in the Back Room.