Star Bar

One of the consistently top-ranked bars in Japan, Star Bar is located in the upscale Ginza neighbourhood and attracts true cocktail nerds, both local and international. Helmed by Hisashi Kishi, one of Japan's preeminent bartenders, this basement bar’s attention to detail has attained legendary status. The focus is on classics; one of the more popular is its Sidecar, hard-shaken Kishi-style, of course. It also specialises in rare Japanese whisky and some of the drinks are served with ‘Ninja Ice’, so crystal clear that it’s barely visible (and hence the name). Do note the customary table charge of 1,000 yen per person and that reservations are not accepted. Due to its popularity and diminutive size, offshoots have opened in Hibiya – another part of Ginza – and even Kyoto, so you can try your luck in one of those, perhaps. One of this establishment’s most renowned apprentices is Hidetsugu Ueno, founder of another legendary Ginza cocktail institution, High Five.


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