Bar legend Yangdup Lama and business partner Minakshi Singh’s bar Sidecar has become somewhat of a household name in India. Spread over two floors, it is to all intents and purposes a classical all-day venue. The first floor houses a cafe and library for those seeking an easy afternoon, while the second floor is where you’ll find the main bar, complete with a full cabinet of spirits, a lively playlist and the occasional live band and pub quiz on some evenings. Positioned as a ‘friendly neighbourhood bar’ in the style of a speakeasy in the heart of New Delhi, it boasts of a noteworthy selection of signature cocktails, odes to classics and beautiful iterations of their namesake, the Sidecar, as well as a great food menu to accompany the drinks.

Rohan Matmary is at the head of this bar team, keeping them on their toes by constantly reinventing the menu and creating in-house tinctures and syrups, all the while trying to stay sustainable at the core. The bar attracts an eclectic mix of the city’s finest: creatives, entrepreneurs, techies, corporates and anyone who appreciates a good drink. Don’t miss the sticky ribs and Rohan’s favourite drink, The Sidecar, made with house-bend cognac, sandalwood cordial, fresh lemon juice and orange blossom water.