Jigger & Pony

50Best Accolades

Singapore’s OG homegrown cocktail bar has come a long way from its origins on Amoy Street to its sumptuous digs at the Amara Hotel. The pandemic affected their business like everyone else’s but luckily, there is a silver lining in everything. The downtime allowed them to develop a new bottled cocktail line called Pony which has been hugely successful and is now a permanent offering. They also had the time to undertake their fourth menu-magazine, which launched in the last quarter of 2021.

Months of research went into this 12-chapter volume, not only for the drinks but also about the ethos of the place and what values they wanted to convey which led to “A Decent Menu”. There are explorations into ingredients, op-ed pieces by industry friends and of course the menu items themselves. What to choose? To go along with their addictive aka Naughty Crackers (if you start, there is no stopping), try one of the modern classics. For example, the Korean Boilermaker consisting of hops and passionfruit-infused soju (for the ‘beer’ element) with whisky and bitters is good fun. Or opt for the Black Pepper Sazerac or Yuzu Whiskey Sour for a couple of very zesty versions of the familiar. There for a big party? Order a punch bowl to really liven up the festivities. Designated driver? No worries, they have you covered as well: the Grape Fitz hits the spot. If the aforementioned crackers aren’t enough, some great bar snacks pair well with the buzzy vibe and excellent hospitality.