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Michter's - Official American Whiskey Partner

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Michter’s celebrates an extraordinarily rich heritage that traces back to 1753, years before America’s Declaration of Independence.

Embracing a “cost-be-damned” approach, the Michter’s team spares no expense in its efforts to produce the greatest American whiskey possible. Tremendous attention is given to every step in the production process, including details like yeast selection; fermentation temperatures; distillation; wood selection and drying of staves; toasting and / or charring barrels; barreling proof; temperature and air flow conditions in the barrel rickhouse; identifying the peak of maturation for bottling; and filtration protocol.

Michter’s has received critical acclaim for its line of American whiskeys. Proclaimed “Best American Whiskey” by Food and Wine, deemed “Spectacular” by Robert Parker, termed “magnificent” by F. Paul Pacult, named “Best of the Best” by Robb Report and awarded “Distiller of the Year” by Wine Enthusiast, Michter’s has been recognized by connoisseurs as truly extraordinary.

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