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One of the most recent additions to Seoul’s already bustling bar scene, Pussyfoot Saloon opened in February 2018 and is already leading the way in terms of the city’s cocktail innovation. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a sleek and sophisticated space, the bar aims to transport its customers to far-flung cities through cocktails that incorporate Korean spirits and hyper-advanced techniques.

The creation of Wendell Louie and Bob Louison – the former a Korean-American entrepreneur and owner of Seoul bar Mix and Malt; the latter a French bartender and bar consultant with nearly 20 years of experience and the creator of Seoul’s Sool Bar Week – Pussyfoot Saloon calls to mind a first-class train carriage with a world-class selection of tipples.

So-called after a nickname given to railroad security personnel, Pussyfoot Saloon fully embraces the globetrotting theme with a floor entirely designed like an 1840s locomotive and screen windows showing videos from various locations in Europe and beyond, giving the impression of chugging through a never-ending landscape.

The ever-changing menu features ten classic seasonal cocktails – including, for instance, a Negroni and Ramos Gin Fizz – and ten rotating signature cocktails conceived by the team, often characterised by striking presentations, from a sandy beach with a miniature boat and seashells to a cocktail served in a fly-shaped glass.

With Pussyfoot Saloon, Louie and Louison hope to boost the growth of Seoul’s bar scene, and the bar thrives on an international team and an exchange program that sees bartenders from all over the world visiting the venue for guest shifts and masterclasses.

With two seasoned bar experts at the helm and a unique theme, Pussyfoot Saloon is a deserving winner of the Campari One To Watch Award 2019, recognising a rising star with the potential to break into the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list in the coming years. 

Pussyfoot Saloon
7-8, Daesagwan-ro 31-gil, Yongsan-gu

Seoul, South Korea