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Alice Cheongdam

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Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea

By Joshua Hall

BARTENDER AND OWNER Kim Yong-joo likes to keep it fun at Alice, mixing Hollywood themed drinks with his range of Alice cocktails in a plush establishment quietly sequestered behind a flower shop.

Hedonistic experimentation means no ingredient is too bizarre to include in your drink and you may be offered headphones to get synesthesia going. “There needs to be a harmony between music and cocktails,” insists Yong-joo.

There’s a respectable list of scotch available, plus a decent list of gin and a bottle-keeping service for the long haul. Tapas and pizzas are also available, thanks to a partnership with the wine bistro upstairs.

Alice manages to charm the nouveau riche of Gangnam while maintaining a hospitality playfulness and vivacity that is old school and focused on the senses.